Every investigation is unique and because of the complex and delicate nature of the work we perform it is impossible to provide a single rate for all investigations. Generally, we charge an hourly rate plus expenses, but for some less complex cases we charge a flat fee. Most investigations require a retainer which is based on an estimate of the number of hours of work that will be required. As work is done, the billable amount is deducted from the retainer. If the case takes less time than predicted, we refund the remaining amount of the retainer. For attorneys, insurance companies, and established corporations, no retainer is required and these clients will be billed.

Some things you should know . . .

• Our hourly rate may not be the lowest you can find and it is certainly not the highest. It is the total cost of the investigation that should be your primary concern rather than the hourly rate. An inexperienced investigator or an investigator who is desperate for any business might charge a lower hourly fee than an experienced investigator but the total cost of the investigation will end up costing you more as it will take more hours to investigate and it might not get done right the first time.

• Make sure your investigator is licensed, bonded, and has the necessary experience to get the job done. You don’t want to pay someone to learn-on-the-job. In Oregon only investigators licensed by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training can perform investigative work. To verify an investigators license, go to Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training

• Under Oregon law the investigator must offer you a written contract for all services provided. Although the investigator must offer you a written contract you can elect to engage the services of an investigator without a written contract if you want to. Anytime you hire an investigator we recommend you sign a written contract. A written contract spells out exactly what you are paying for and holds the investigator legally responsible. It protects you as the client.

• Read the fine print in all contracts. Some investigators have contracts that charge extra for working more than 8 hours in a day or for working nights, weekends, or holidays. Here at Babnick and Associates we do not have any of these extra charges. If we need to work 24 hours non –stop on Christmas Eve to get the job done, we will do that for no extra fee.

We offer a free initial consultation by phone or in person. During this consultation we discuss your investigative needs and develop an investigative strategy that meets your needs and budget. We are sensitive to your circumstances and will only offer services we believe will help resolve the situation. If there is a better or more cost-effective way to accomplish your goal without a full investigation, we will recommend it. Depending on the circumstances, we may offer substantial discounts to some clients and we sometimes do pro bono work.

Confidentiality, discretion, accountability, sensitivity, and above all, professional integrity are central to how we operate.

What You Should Know Before You Hire Any Private Investigator

We accept: cash, checks, money orders, PayPal, money transfer, or major credit & debit cards. On occasion we will accept barter arrangements.