Meet The Investigators

George W. Babnick

George Babnick is the Chief Investigator at Babnick and Associates. He is a former Portland Police Bureau Investigator who retired at the rank of Captain. He brings more than three decades of investigative experience to every case and has completed hundreds of hours of investigative training. Mr. Babnick has decades of real-life experience in covert and overt information gathering and investigating and managing all types of criminal and non-criminal cases.

As a private investigator Mr. Babnick has used his skills to investigate serious criminal matters (including the murder of a young woman in the Portland area) as well as a wide array of thefts and frauds related to businesses. Mr. Babnick has worked with a number of Oregon attorneys on both criminal and civil cases and he has also helped many clients in “personal relationship” matters, birth adoption cases, and many other situations.

Mr. Babnick has taught investigation skills and techniques to law enforcement investigators throughout the Portland area and is the author of numerous articles on security and investigations. He holds criminal justice degrees from Portland Community College and Portland State University and graduated from law school with a Juris Doctorate (JD) degree.

Nicole M. Babnick

Nicole Babnick is an associate investigator at Babnick and Associates. After graduating from Portland State University with honors she attended law school in Florida at Barry University – Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, where she graduated with high honors. After earning her Juris Doctorate (JD) degree and passing the bar, Nicole became a medical malpractice defense attorney. As a practicing attorney she honed her elicitation and interviewing skills in negotiations with attorneys, depositions, and in the courtroom. She also worked closely with the law firm’s investigator and this experience lead Nicole to her true passion – investigations.

After leaving the active practice of law, Nicole is now employed as a full time investigator. She has a broad base of investigative experience including expertise in social media investigations, work place investigations, witness interviews, and piecing together fragmented pieces of information. When faced with a difficult case that seems impossible to investigate, Nicole has the ability to analyze a case from many different unconventional perspectives. This ability allows her to develop inventive ways to help the client obtain the information they want.

Whether you just need a few hours of surveillance, a comprehensive background check, or have an ongoing need for an investigator, Babnick and Associates can get the job done.
Every case is different and operational needs sometimes require diverse investigative agents and tactics. In these cases we work with associated investigators in Oregon and across the United States and the world. If a case needs a more senior investigator to go under-cover in a nursing home, a Chinese speaking agent to penetrate the depths of China Town, or a young looking investigator to gather information at a dance club, Babnick and Associates investigators can get the job done.

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