In the private investigations business testimonials from satisfied clients are hard to come by because the work of a private investigator is private. Many clients do not even want anyone to know that they retained our services. We respect the privacy of our clients and we keep all of the work we do completely confidential. We do not divulge any information about the work we do to anyone.

But, sometimes we have clients who publicly post reviews or give permission to share their experience. Here is just a sample of the Five-Star reviews from satisfied clients:

"Amazing! Excellent”

I used this private investigator to track down a tenant in Oregon who skipped out on several months rent in the middle of the night. They found them and didn't charge me a fortune. I was pleased with the service provided. Katie
Portland, Oregon
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“Reasonable rate. Very honest.”

"I called George for help locating a little information on a client. He found what I needed in less than an hour at a very reasonable rate. Very honest and no nonsense. Highly recommended!" Lynn M.
Portland, Oregon
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“Very good at what they do”

I have used Mr. Babnick on a couple occasions, and he has the experience, and training above anyone else. He has clean efficient reports, and a great price for the detailed work Patrick Walby
Portland, Oregon
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“Thank you, George!"

"I contacted George to help me find out who was sending me harassing texts. He gave me a quote upfront and then spent hours doing some preliminary research. The information he gave me was enough to answer my suspicion and I didn't need him to actually go any further. He didn't charge me a cent for the work he did up to that point. Thank you, George! I'll be contacting you again if and when I need your services!" Debby L.
Portland, Oregon
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“Gave me some good free advice”

I consulted investigator Babnick about finding my birth parents. I got some good advice and was able to do the searching myself. I liked that he did not try to give me the “hard sell” and just gave me some good free advice. I think he is honest and honorable. Bryan Nova
Makati, The Philippines
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“Out of state & out of my mind happy!!”

George & Associates helped me in proving that my fiance’s Ex wife was faking an injury. She wanted alimony for life, but because of George’s diligence, he got photos & videos proving she was lying. We live in Massachusetts, he was so helpful, answered my questions without delay. I highly recommend him & his team, they saved us, time, money & worry. Kudos to them!!!! Sharon Mulligan
Boylston, Massachusetts
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“Pleasure to work with. Reliable and responsive at all times”

"His demonstrated intelligence, ability to analyze reports and evidence as well as his attention to detail, all while meeting deadlines, is flawless. Additionally, his ability to get some rather uncooperative people to talk with him about our cases was unparalleled and impressive. Rather than walking him through a case step by step, he sees the big picture and can make valuable suggestions that can be crucial to providing the best for our clients.

George Babnick went above and beyond the norm with our cases. And due to his thorough, comprehensive and accurate fact checking, we can - without hesitation - recommend his firm." John W. Neidig, Attorney at Law
Portland, Oregon
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“Very honest and helpful PI”

I contacted Investigator Babnick when I became the victim of a fraud. I was prepared to spend whatever it took to clear my name. To my surprise, Mr. Babnick told me I did not need to spend money on a PI and suggested things I could do myself. While I didn't end up hiring him I found it refreshing to know that he was all about helping me and not all about just getting paid a fee. I found Mr. Babnick to be a very honest and helpful PI. LP S.
Portland, Oregon
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“The Best Advice”

Very friendly man who gave me the impression of regard for others being first and foremost in his initial response of "hello" and although I don't believe I could retain the services it is upon having forwarded that notion to George he continued on for another 10 min on the phone during lunch hour giving me the best advice he could while reaffirming in his opinion what I was told or letting me know that I may be in error and how to Check.... Just the phone call was more than anyone the last two months has offered to give me in my questions of how and where to start and I thank George and his Company for that. Bravo. John DeCorte
Portland, Oregon
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