Criminal Defense Investigations

Everyone is entitled to a good defense.”  It is with this mindset that Babnick and Associates starts every criminal defense investigation.

Law enforcement’s focus is on gathering information and discovering evidence to support a criminal conviction. Sometimes in this zeal to “catch the bad guy” the focus of law enforcement investigations can be too narrow and exculpatory evidence – that is, evidence that could prove or indicate a defendant’s innocence or at least mitigate a defendant’s guilt, may be overlooked. At times, once the police feel they have “found their man” they just quit looking for more evidence. This is not how it should be but local officers and agents of federal agencies are only human. They can overlook things because they are often under pressure to “close the case” and move on the next one.

Drawing on more than three decades of police training and experience Babnick and Associates provides attorneys and their clients with a variety of services in both criminal and civil cases.

Services for attorneys include:

Locating and interviewing witnesses

In criminal cases, sometimes witnesses are unwilling to speak to law enforcement for a variety of reasons. When skillfully approached and spoken to by non-police investigators, reluctant witness can often reveal important information to aid in the defense of a criminal case. Babnick and Associates uses time honored investigation techniques to make witnesses feel at ease. In civil cases, whether you are an attorney representing the plaintiff or the defendant, we can often obtain statements from reluctant witnesses. With decades of experience we know how to approach witnesses in a way that makes the witness feel comfortable and willing to talk.

Site Inspections

We can return to the scene where the incident occurred. Once there, we can take photographs and measurements, evaluate witness statements made in police reports, and take into account vantage points, terrain, and physical barriers.

Case Analysis

Having a trained police investigator provide an analysis of police reports and evidence in a case is an important step in preparing a defense or taking a plaintiff’s case to court. Owned and operated by a trained and experienced police investigator, Babnick and Associates provides a law enforcement prospective and offers insight into why police handled the case the way they did.

Social Media Investigations

Valuable information, including photos and comments on social media sites, can provide compelling evidence to support your case. See Social Media Investigations for further explanation on how having an expert search social media sites for you can help increase your odds of winning your case.

Process Service

We can handle your routine process servicer needs at a competitive rate but we specialize in the difficult cases. If you are having trouble getting someone served with a subpoena or writ, we can help.

If you are a defendant and feel that the police did not fairly or thoroughly investigate your case, we can help. If you are an attorney and need an experienced criminal investigator to pursue some leads that law enforcement did not explore, locate and interview witnesses, or to re-investigate the entire case, Babnick and Associates can help. Our focus is on objectively following all leads in a quest to uncover the unvarnished truth.