Mystery Shopping Investigations

A mystery or “secret” shopper is someone who poses as a customer and enters a business and interacts with employees with the intent of evaluating customer service. For many years all types of businesses: grocery stores and mini markets, restaurants, dry cleaners, car dealerships, hardware stores – every type of businesses, have used mystery shoppers to find out how employees are treating customers.

Babnick and Associates takes mystery shopping beyond just secretly evaluating customer service. Unlike many of the national mystery shopping services, we do not use poorly trained operatives who rush from business to business filling out one-size-fits-all checklists. Our “Enhanced” mystery shopping service uses trained personnel who can not only monitor and report on the efficiency and demeanor of employees but can perform a number of other investigative services that benefit businesses of all types.

  • We can check to see if your employees are adhering to important company policies and procedures.
  • We can help businesses create a more effective loss prevention program. If an investigator can easily steal products or equipment from a business without being detected, the business needs to know this so they can take steps to close these security loop holes.
  • We can employ different methods to test the integrity of an individual employee or all the employees. At the same time we can identify theft schemes or practices that can lead to theft.
  • We can make test purchases of goods at trade shows, markets, and retail outlets, to establish evidence in the sale of counterfeit goods or trademark and copyright infringement.
  • When needed, we can take covert photographic evidence of counterfeit goods sales, trademark and copyright infringements, and sales of prohibited items.
  • In rental situations we can test to see if landlords and property management companies are adhering to discrimination laws and regulations.

These are just a few examples of how Babnick and Associates can help businesses gain an objective customer’s perspective of their business and improve overall security and profitability with our “Enhanced Mystery Shopping” service.

The cost of this service depends on the complexity of each case and the frequency of each clandestine visit. Every Mystery Shopper program is customized to meet the individual and specialized needs of each client. If you are only interested in measuring customer service, we can perform that service for you at a very reasonable cost. With our “Enhanced Mystery Shopping” service we can also do a lot more for businesses than just measure customer service. Considering the amount of otherwise unattainable information that can be obtained for clients, our “Enhanced Mystery Shopping” is one of the most popular and cost effective services we offer to businesses.