Why Hire An Investigator?

Private investigators are hired to find out facts and analyze legal, financial, and personal information. Investigative needs for businesses, attorneys, and individuals range greatly from verifying people’s backgrounds for employers, conducting workplace investigations, finding missing persons, marital infidelity investigations, to helping attorneys prepare criminal defenses, uncovering evidence in civil cases, and locating witnesses. Quite simply, the job of a private investigator is to “find things out.”

It is common for people to hire an investigator when they suspect their partner is cheating on them. Private investigators are also frequently hired by attorneys to find and interview witnesses. And, insurance companies often hire investigators to ferret out insurance fraud. But there are many other reasons businesses and individuals use the services of private investigators. Here are just a few examples:

Complete Background Investigation – not just an online background “check.”

• A couple wanted to hire a nanny for their children and needed to know about the background of the person they were considering hiring. They did not want to rely on a cheap generic online background “check” of unknown quality from some distant Internet site. They hired an investigator to conduct a full and comprehensive background investigation. This gave the parents peace of mind knowing that they were hiring a person with a fully vetted background.

Investigation Finds Evidence to Support Child Custody Petition.

• A divorced father had visitation rights but was concerned about the welfare of his children. He believed he could provide a more stable and positive environment for the children and wanted to petition the court for full custody but need evidence to present to the court. He hired an investigator to dig deep into the lifestyle and parenting of his ex-wife and obtained evidence showing that he was the more suitable parent. His attorney was able to use this evidence in support of his child custody petition.

Investigation Uncovers Workplace Theft Scheme.

• A home builder experienced repeated thefts from several worksites costing over $40,000 in losses. There seemed to be no pattern to this thievery. Sometimes pallets of lumber would just disappear in the dark of night and on other occasions newly installed appliances were stolen from homes under construction. The local police said they would “keep an eye out” but did not have the time or desire to do anything more.

The builder hired a private investigator who conducted targeted surveillance. When thieves arrived at 3 o’clock in the morning and hauled a truck load of plywood from the construction site, the investigator tailed the truck across town. The investigator watched the thieves unload the wood into a garage. Follow-up investigation revealed the thieves were working in cahoots with a subcontractor the builder was using. Law enforcement was notified. They served warrants, recovered a trove of stolen building materials, and made several arrests.

Investigation Clears Business Owner from Suspicion of Illegal Activities.

• The owner of a Bar & Grill was receiving extreme scrutiny from liquor control authorities. The establishment was accused of over serving patrons and was being blamed for drug use and public intoxication in the neighborhood. The business was on the verge of having their liquor license revoked. If servers were over serving drinks, the owner wanted to know about it so corrective action could be taken. If patrons of the bar were really responsible for causing problems in the neighborhood, the owner wanted to know.

The owner hired an investigator who conducted covert surveillance inside and outside the establishment. The investigation revealed that one employee was over serving some patrons. The bar owner immediately took corrective personnel action. The investigation also showed that the drug use and public intoxication was emanating from an “upscale” nightclub a block away and not from the Bar & Grill. The results of the investigation were turned over to liquor control authorities. This allowed them to focus their enforcement efforts on the real source of the problems.

Neighbors from “HELL.”

• Most people live peacefully with their neighbors but sometimes you have the extreme misfortune of living next to a “neighbor from hell.” These are not the neighbors who mow their grass a little too early on a Sunday morning or fail to keep their dog from occasionally running into your yard. These are nasty and nutty people who take being a bad neighbor to a whole new level. These are the neighbors who shout obscenities at you every time you set foot out of your house. These are the neighbors who spy on your every move and make lewd gestures and repeatedly taunt you like a schoolyard bully every time they see you. They vandalize your property and just make your daily life miserable.

You call the police and they do what they can, but the problems persist. Why should you have to move from the home you love just because of your nasty neighbors? A private investigator can use a variety of techniques to document the harassment and build a civil and criminal case against your nasty neighbors. Done correctly, a targeted investigation can cause your nasty neighbors to mind their own business or move away.

These are just a few ways businesses and ordinary individuals use the services of private investigators.

When you make the decision to hire an investigator,

make sure you hire the right investigator.

Private investigation is a difficult job. Many resources available to government law enforcement agencies are not available to private investigators. In recent years federal and state privacy laws have also restricted the tactics that private investigators can lawfully use, making information gathering even more challenging.

It is absolutely essential that the investigator you select understands the legal issues involved in conducting investigations and works within the law to get you the information you need. To be most effective a private investigator must not only know how to be effective within the confines of the law, but they must be well versed in the practical application of surveillance, evidence gathering, interviewing witnesses, cultivating informants, and must have the ability to use creativity and “think outside the box.” It also helps if your investigator has a good working relationship with the local police.

Many former law enforcement officers are highly sought after as private investigators. They have years of experience and professional relationships to draw upon and the professionalism and dedication it takes to manage an investigation.

Babnick and Associates is owned and managed by George Babnick – a 34 year veteran of Oregon law enforcement. When you call Babnick and Associates you will speak directly to Mr. Babnick and you can discuss your needs in total confidence. He personally conducts most investigations and works with associate investigators when special operational needs require it. Each investigation conducted by Babnick and Associates is customized for each client and you are never charged for an initial consultation, either by phone or in person.

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