Due Diligence

You may have heard the words “due diligence” many times and wondered exactly what it means. In brief, it refers to the process of evaluating something before making a decision. In the business world a person exercising “due diligence” would thoroughly investigate the security of an investment or transaction. In buying a business or going into business with a partner, due diligence involves finding out the reasons the business is being sold and if there are any unresolved legal issues associated with the business. It would also involve learning everything there is to know about potential business partners. If done correctly, due diligence investigations can save investors and people involved in new business relationships untold grief and money.

But, due diligence is not just important for business people.

Pre-Martial investigations

Marriage is one of the most important decisions in life. Businesses often conduct background checks on employees before they hire some, so why shouldn’t you do the same for someone who you are planning to spend the rest of your life with and someone whom you cannot “fire” so easily?

There are many reasonable questions that you should have answered before you commit to spending the rest of your life with someone. Does your prospective spouse have a dark past? Do they have large, outstanding bills owed to creditors? Has your prospective spouse ever been arrested or is he or she an ex-con? Is your prospective spouse being sued? Is your prospective spouse really still married to someone else? Does your future spouse have any children he or she is not telling you about? What about your future spouse’s relatives? What are their backgrounds like? You deserve to know. We can uncover the real truth about a person’s educational, professional and personal history, and criminal background, so you don’t make a mistake that will cost you a lifetime of grief.

Do you really know who you are dating?

Unfortunately, people are not always as they appear. They may be friendly and charming and say all the right things but what do you really know about the person you are spending time with. Is the person you are dating actually a convicted sex offender? Do they have a history of charming people out of their money? What do they really do for a living? Are they really married?

It is not realistic to conduct an exhaustive investigation on someone you are just casually dating a few times, but if you start noticing “red flags” it is time to find out the truth. Red flags can include things like: repeated inconsistencies in things said, when texting doing so in a way that you can’t see the screen, not answering the phone when with you, being secretive about e-mails or suddenly switching to a different webpage or program when you enter the room, being evasive when you ask about family or schools attended, and a long list of other behaviors. You may start to feel that something is “just not right” but just can’t put your finger on it. Unfortunately many people do not do anything about these feelings until it is too late.

Do Your Due Diligence

Whether you need to conduct a due diligence investigation for business matters or just for peace of mind, Babnick and Associates has the expertise to dig deep and discover the truth. We understand that due diligence investigations involve delving into sensitive information and all investigations are treated with the utmost of caution and discretion. Conducted properly, the subject of the investigation will never know they were investigated. If our investigation turns up nothing negative, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you did your due diligence.