Criminal Investigations

Should you hire a private investigator to investigate a crime?

Major crimes like murder, armed robbery, and rape should always be reported to law enforcement and the initial investigation is best handled by law enforcement. However, in many less serious cases law enforcement just does not have the resources to effectively follow-up on all crime. An examination of crime clearance rates (the percentage of crimes that lead to a charge against an individual by law enforcement) shows that on average, only a small percentage of crimes are ever cleared by arrest.

Violent crime clearance (murder, armed assault, armed robbery, etc.) has actually decreased in recent years and property crime (burglary, theft, etc.) clearance has remained relatively steady at approximately 16.5%. That means that 83.5% of all burglaries, auto thefts, larceny-thefts, arsons, and other crimes go unsolved by law enforcement. Overall, clearances of both violent and property crimes, by percentage, are lower today than when the FBI started keeping crime records back in the 1930’s.

If you have reported a crime to the police and they have been unable to solve it or seem disinterested in actively investigating it, Babnick and Associates can help. Unlike law enforcement officers we are highly motivated and are not restrained by politics, bureaucratic rules and regulations, personnel shortages, or competing priorities. We can also employ investigative methods that law enforcement is reluctant to use on most “minor” cases. The use of ruses, subterfuges, and financial incentives for witnesses to come forward, along with other investigative techniques that we choose not to reveal to the general public, allow us to dig deeply into a crime. We can peel away layers and layers of leads that are often overlooked by most law enforcement officials.

If you need an investigator to follow-up on a major or minor crime, Babnick and Associates can start working on your case today. If need be, we will get out on the street today – even in the middle of the night, to investigate leads.